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We have just added the rechargeable Nebo TORCHY, inch for inch, is the brightest flashlight in the world.

At 2.6 inches and 1000 lumens, small never seemed so big or so bright. The rechargeable TORCHY, inch for inch, is the brightest flashlight in the world. Smart Power Control allows the TORCHY to seamlessly transition through the 4 light modes and 1,000-lumen TURBO mode. The powerful magnetic base doubles as the magnetic charging port for the included USB MagCable and the removable clip provides easy carry or hands-free use as a cap light.4 

• High (500 lumens) - 1 hour / 100 meters
• Medium (200 lumens) - 1.75 hours / 60 meters
• Low (50 lumens) - 6 hours / 30 meters
• Strobe (500 lumens) - 1 hours / 100 meters
• TURBO (1,000 lumens) - 30 seconds / 130 meters

• Rechargeable
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum;
  water and impact-resistant
• Smart Power Control
• Removable steel belt/pocket clip
• Power Memory RecallOPERATION
• Side-positioned ON/OFF button with charging indicator

• MagDock USB charging cable included

• Powered by rechargeable battery (included)
  (Recharge time: 2 hours)

• 0.1375 lbs.
• (H) 2.64" x (W) 0.98" x (D) 1.18"
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How does the Lead Acid Battery Work?

Sealed Lead Acid

The first sealed, or maintenance-free, lead-acid emerged in the mid-1970s. Engineers argued that the term “sealed lead acid” was a misnomer because no lead acid battery can be totally sealed. To control venting during stressful charge and rapid discharge, valves have been added that release gases if pressure builds up. Rather than submerging the plates in a liquid, the electrolyte is impregnated into a moistened separator, a design that resembles nickel- and lithium-based systems. This enables operating the battery in any physical orientation without leakage.

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Universal Power Group AGM or Gel batteries –which one is right for you?
These two battery constructions are very similar, but they have distinct differences. As a result, one could be a better choice than the other in various applications or uses. Following are the features that make them alike or different:

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